Listed here are my academic publications, book reviews, and blog posts. You can also find my research via Google Scholar and my blog posts on Medium.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles 

Chadwick, A., McDowell-Naylor, D., Smith, A.P., & Watts, E. (2018) Authority Signalling: How the Relational Interactions between Journalists and Politicians Create Primary Definers in U.K Broadcast News. Journalism. (

Chapters in Edited Books

McDowell-Naylor, D. (2019) #GE2017: Digital Media and the Campaigns. In Wring, D., Mortimore, R., & Atkinson, S. (eds). Political Communication In Britain: Campaigning, Media and Polling in the 2017 General Election. London: Palgrave Macmillan

Book Reviews

McDowell-Naylor, D. (Forthcoming) Review of Bucher, T. (2018) If…Then (Oxford University Press). Information, Communication, & Society

McDowell-Naylor, D. (2018) Review of Connolly, W. (2017) Facing The Planetary: Entangled Humanism and the Politics of Swarming (Duke University Press). Political Studies Review (

McDowell-Naylor, D. (2016) Review of Blackford, R. (2013) Humanity Enhanced: Genetic Choice and the Challenge for Liberal Democracies (MIT Press). Political Studies Review (

Blog Posts

McDowell-Naylor, D. (2017) ‘You and the Autonomous Vehicle’. NewPolCom Blog. (

McDowell-Naylor, D. (2017) #GE2017 Digital Media and Campaigns Analysis: A Review. Medium. (

McDowell-Naylor, D. (2016) ‘A Reflection on Phil Howard’s ‘Will The ‘Internet of Things’ Lock us Up or Set us Free’ Departmental Seminar’. NewPolCom Blog. (

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