My research interests broadly encompass the areas of political communication, Science and Technology Studies (STS), British politics and political theory. My primary interests lie in exploring the historical and contemporary relations between technology and politics and is especially concerned with understanding how power operates and is localized among these relations.

As a member of the New Political Communication Unit  at Royal Holloway, University of London and of the broader political communication research community, I am particularly interested in the growing political power of social media platforms, the use of social media in political campaigns and protests, and the role of algorithms in shaping our everyday experiences.

Autonomous Vehicles and The Public

My doctoral research with the New Political Communication Unit is an ethnographic study of the autonomous vehicle projects conducting public tests in the UK. The research explores how the public is communicated with and engaged by these projects as they seek to promote and better understand how the technology will function in society.

This subsequently raises questions about the role of democracy and citizenship therein. The focus on these processes of public engagement and communication aims to challenge some of the existing conventional understandings about democracy and the ways in which citizens can engage with the development of advanced connected and autonomous technologies.

This is an ethnographic study building on over 18 months of fieldwork and study, explored from recent research perspectives arising in both Political Communication and Science and Technology Studies (STS)

I was awarded the Crossland Scholarship by Royal Holloway, University of London in order to support this research. The project is co-supervised by Professor Andrew Chadwick and Professor Ben O’Loughlin.

















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