Declan McDowell-Naylor

Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Relations Queen Mary, University of London


Welcome to my website.

I am an academic researcher with an interest in the areas of digital politics, political communication, science and technology, British politics, and, most importantly, democracy. My role in society is to understand and explain, through my research and teaching, the nature of political power, its distribution, and its effects.


My research interests cover the areas of political communication, science and technology studies, British politics, and political theory. My work focuses on public engagement with technological innovation, the role of digital media and data in politics, and the future of democracy. I use ethnographic and qualitative research methods, primarily observations, interviews, discourse analysis, and content analysis.  

I have been published in Journalism and in the upcoming 10th volume of Political Communication in BritainMy doctoral thesis, submitted in September 2018, is an ethnographic study of how public engagement is facilitated by organisations and government bodies that are developing autonomous vehicles in the United Kingdom. I am currently working on a manuscript which examines the participatory techniques used in a public trial of autonomous vehicles.